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  Fringe Dance I

Helen Hickey Helen Hickey

Iqiniso explores concepts of being a part of something larger than oneself while simultaneously maintaining the individual. The composition of movements and sounds start off isolated then become unified in a congruent manner. Using different platforms to generate varying tones adds to the diversity of the score that is generated


Olivia Meeks Olivia Meeks

When choreographer Olivia Meeks moved from Greensboro to Atlanta, a friend gave her a map of Georgia. After coming back to Greensboro 6 years later, she didn’t think she’d need another map. Homestead/Steadfast explores the complexity of returning to the familiar place as an unfamiliar person.


Emily Morgan Emily Morgan

: Sometimes I am scared to stand on one leg is about support - having it, not having it, and providing it. Hopefully all of us have someone in our lives who we can lean on, but sometimes that support just isn't available. And sometimes we're the ones who provide it.


The Mark Dance Company THE MARK Dance Company

“Sometimes I…” Depicts individuals experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, and the mechanics of their mental process when thinking through warm memories that are getting more difficult to recall in detail and contemplating whether they existed to begin with. This work is designed to provide a physically beautiful look into a stark reality, through architectural movement.

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Destiny La’raine Turlington Destiny La’raine Turlington

We are all raised with certain beliefs and traditions. As we grow up those ideas are often challenged. These investigations of self often cause feelings of alienation and worthlessness, yet, we have to choose to stick with what we know or find ourselves.






Ashley Walls White Ashley Walls White

Allegory, choreographed by Ashley Walls White, is a duet exploring power struggles that are present in any relationship, such as man and woman, parent and child, or most pointedly, the oppressor and the oppressed.

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