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  Fringe Dance II

Virginia Dupont Virginia Dupont

Virginia Dupont’s new contemporary ballet quintet is focused on design and music visualization. Featuring the music of Zoë Keating, the mood of the piece ranges from foreboding to vibrant and uplifting.







Nicole Ramsey Nicole Ramsey

“Venom” is a duet between a woman struggling with autonomy and an obliging, dark character who provides unconventional help. The piece is inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov’s Margarita and analysis of Female Gothic texts; the movement questions spirituality, sensuality, and the measures taken against people who have revealed their own suffering.


Emanuelle Mallette Emmanuel Malette

This piece goes beyond the typical expectations of performance and unapologetically enters the realm of entertainment with unfathomable confidence and swagger. This work is a continuation of the YouTube video series “The Showtime Chronicles,” which is a series of video focused performance art.

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Michelle Trumble Michelle Trumble

Where do we find ourselves when constant vigilance becomes exhausting, yet ignorance is not an option? “Left Unguarded” lives in a world where unmanageable pain bumps up against the euphoria of hope. Questions of self-preservation, violation, and personal value simmer beneath the surface in this work set to haunting melodies by Homsy.


Raina Lucas Raina Lucas

“And so the moments pass...”-- a movement exhibition of the deeply introspective process of Western decision-making. The dance shifts fitfully between the empowerment one feels when given the freedom of choice, the physiological and psychological reactions that occur when making a choice, and the realization of how our personal decisions affect others.


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